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Kollectiv.ai Studio 2023
We specialize in hiring engineers for startups, from founding engineers to complete R&D teams

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Who We Are

Jointly we placed over
500 people

Andrey  Akselrod

Andrey Akselrod

Co-founder, CEO

Founder, CTO at Smartling
CTO at People.ai

Andrey hired extensively throughout his career, conducting thousands of interviews. He established recruiting at multiple companies and knows the process intimately.

Sasha Rohachova

Sasha Rohachova


Founder, CEO at Inkhunter
PM at Pinterest

Sasha has a track record of leading 0-1 products from inception to profitability and productizing cutting-edge tech ahead of its mass adoption.

Iryna Nevozhai

Iryna Nevozhai

Lead Recruiting Expert

Founder, Lead Recruiter at Equally Talent

Iryna specializes in strategic full-stack recruitment for R&D, engineering, and leadership. She is deeply passionate about people and technology and has co-authored technical recruitment courses.


How We Are Different

Kollectiv.ai Studio 2023

Your Hiring Ally : We're here to simplify your hiring journey. From finding the right candidates to setting up an effective hiring process, we're on your team.

Kollectiv.ai Studio 2023

From Founders , for Founders : Led by entrepreneurs who've walked the same path, we get the struggles of building a business and how crucial the right team is. We've started five companies and hired 500+ people ourselves.

Kollectiv.ai Studio 2023

Time Back , Talent In : Our AI product and expert help save you hundreds of hours of searching and interviewing. With us, finding the perfect fit for your team becomes hassle-free, giving your startup the boost it needs.

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There is a person behind every resume

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